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Initial client meetings are no charge.  We feel that getting to understand a potential client's needs are not billable.

All potential fees are discussed with the client at the initial meeting.

We have different hourly rates for our various types of services, the lowest being computer input.  Hourly rates proceed higher in order to bookkeeping, miscellaneous taxes, payroll taxes, income taxes, financial statements, and additional services.

We feel we are very competitive with other certified public accountants.  We strive to get a clear understanding with our new clients as to what they should expect when investing in our services.

The first year cost to the client for our fees is usually higher, as there is a degree of set up that will not be present in the future.

Also, after a period of time, we can develop a set monthly charge and an annual income tax charge.  The client can establish a budget for paying our fee.  Additional services, if they become periodic, can also be included as part of the monthly charge.

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Fee Structure


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