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Basic Services Provided:

  • Write Up/Bookkeeping (simple or complex)
    • Certified Professional Advisors in QuickBooks Software
    • Eldercare Accounting Services
      • Personal Record Keeping
        • Bill paying
        • Deposits
  • Compilation and Review Financial Statements (except audits)
  • Income Tax Returns
    • Individual
    • Business
    • Estates
    • Trusts
  • Estate and Gift Tax Returns
  • Miscellaneous Tax Returns
    • Payroll Tax Returns
    • Pension and Profit Sharing
    • Sales Tax
    • Arizona Corporation Commission
  • Internal Revenue Service and State correspondence

Additional services provided:

We guide our clients in a step by step fashion, with as much or as little instruction desired.

  • Business Advice and Consulting
    • Best way to set up and run the business
    • Best accounting software or set of books to establish
  • Personal Financial Manager
    • Tracking the health of the business using financial ratio analysis of financial statements
    • Comparisons of industry trends and expense analysis
  • Resource Manager
    • Active role of finding outside advisors for the client
      • Attorneys
      • Insurance agents
      • Investment advisors
      • Bank loan officers
      • Trust officers
      • Appraisers
  • Overall Sounding Board
    • Always prepared to listen to client concerns and ideas
    • Willing to offer advice before any action is taken
  • Informal Business Valuations

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